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Michiyo Yagi + Christian Lillinger + Takashi Sugawa

Michiyo Yagi (koto), Takashi Sugawa (b), Christian Lillinger (dr)


In an effort to counter the most horrific misogynist right-wing libertarian Islamophobic scum and dirtballs in the swampy depths of the manosphere, three exceptionally extraordinary superheroes have banded together – for a one-off collaboration. To rid the world of this madness, once and for all. Moers represents the end of the line for human trafficker and rapist Andrew Tate and his club of the contemptible: for the neo-reactionary, anti-egalitarian PayPal founder Peter Andreas Thiel, the dissociative, identity-disturbed Elon Musk (maybe if he simply dropped the „-k“ and added an „-ic“ to his last name he‘d start singing a more charming tune), the radical right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones or the anti-Semitic advocate of prosecution-free rape Roosh V (alias Daryush Valizadeh). WHOOOOM! „Bunch of fucking losers…“ superheroine Michiyo Yagi thinks to herself quietly, before setting her electronics to „eliminate“ and firing microtonal sound salvos from her bass koto. With each frequential bolt of lightning – FLASH! – she adjusts the focus with her left hand – each impulse is a stab to the chauvinist brains. ARGH! Christian Flash Lillinger generates cascades of triple and quadruple strokes at hyperspace speeds in such a precisely targeted and structured way that the gang of miscreants can not even tell anymore where and when the strokes will hit them – until all of them are left cowering on the ground, completely naked, tiptoeing with their last credit cards held daintily in front of their family jewels to the police station to press charges. Alas, police chief Takashi Sugawa teaches the startled, scratch-covered zombie bunch first off that you have to listen during the bass solo (instead of yakking). „Were there any witnesses?“…well then. After that, he calmly explains how to apologise, not cut in line, take an interest in other people – a model of serenity, he elucidates the terms respect, humility, poverty, responsibility – AND THE FACT THAT MUSIC HAS THE POWER TO REACH THE SOUL DIRECTLY – EVEN IN THE MOST HOPELESS OF CASES. At that very moment, a marvellous white sailing yacht races down Asberger Straße, meaning really right in front of police headquarters. From onboard, the Lower-Rhine‘s beloved regional poet Hanns Dieter Hüsch waves the obscure figures over to him, signals to Chief Sugawa that everything is alright and calls: „A good future for everyone who starts with it now!“ The mood is one of general astonishment. „Set sail for Guantanamo!“ W-HUESH!

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